I Want to Get Pregnant! What Should I Do?

So many women come to doctors saying, “I want to get pregnant! What should I do?” It may seem outrageous, because most adults know how babies are made, and know what to do to create one. But it’s not always so easy. Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. Some women want to get pregnant fast, but find that they’re not getting pregnant at all, even though they’re doing all the right things. It is at this point, when pregnancy does not happen within a reasonable time, that many women (and sometimes men) start to get desperate and begin to look for ways to enhance their fertility and maximize their chances for having a child.

Usually, women who come into doctors’ offices saying “I want to get pregnant!” have already tried what natural options they know of to have a child. They’ve had sex every day for months on end, they’ve tracked their ovulation using ovulation test kits, the appearance of their cervical mucous, and the dates of their menstrual cycle. Some have even tracked their body temperatures for the best times to get pregnant. They want to get pregnant fast, and yet it’s still not working. When they’ve run out of what they think are their natural options, they usually turn to the medical world for advice.

Usually, the first thing that a doctor will do is test a woman’s fertility through a series of blood tests, intra-vaginal scans, and sonograms of the fallopian tubes. Their male partners will be tested next, to see if there is a sufficient quantity of strong, mobile sperm to produce a child. If all that tests out fine, then the couple is saddled with a diagnosis of non-specific infertility (meaning the doctors don’t know why they can’t get pregnant). Then, the expensive procedures like artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization begin. These are invasive, involve taking lots of dangerous hormones, and can result in children with cognitive and sometimes physical disabilities (especially in the case of in-vitro fertilization).

Why spend a fortune for procedures that have a 75% chance of working at best and a 10% chance of working at worst, and that can cause damage to both mother and child, when there are other natural alternatives available? There’s more to natural conception than just having sex when you’re ovulating (and knowing when you’re ovulating). Many women have had a lot of luck using Chinese medicine, and several other natural techniques to enhance their chances of getting pregnant. In fact, if you’re saying, “I want to get pregnant,” then you should check out the Pregnancy Miracle program. It is an all natural program for getting pregnant and is actually GUARANTEED to work. You won’t find other natural conception programs offering that. Thousands of women have used it, and most have achieved a health pregnancy, even well into their 40′s, some of them for the first time. Why not give Pregnancy Miracle a try and let it help you conceive a child, too?  Come to the I Want to Get Pregnant blog to find out how to get Pregnancy Miracle for yourself. You deserve to enjoy motherhood!

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